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United States
Name: Sword
Species: Puffball
Gender: Male
Hero/Villain/Neutral: Hero
Voice: Creator (SwordtheYellowKirby)

Personality: Quite the shy puffball and usually only speaking when spoken to, Sword is naturally kind, sometimes unwillingly so. He gets startled easily, and is a bit overreactive sometimes. Because of this, Sword is a bit paranoid. However, the puffball enjoys practicing his swordsman skills- it gets his mind off things. He doesn't like fighting without a reason, but he's not afraid to must it come to that.

History: Sword was once just a normal kirby,he was first created when I was playing Brawl, I played as yellow kirby then played,I ate link then got a hat,then that's when I thought: '' I think I just found my first oc'' Then BAM! Oc created! He was originally the same as a recolored sword kirby and whatever reason I named him sword because Idk, my mind was off or he uses a weapon called a sword but yeah. Through the years he's been a great oc, he's almost like me in real life. He met many friends on his journey. For the first time ever, he became so popular, I really wasn't expecting but hey, luck can be there for him. Then, he had his own series that I made for him. The Legend of Kirby. Unfournately, it got cancelled due to many problems in the internet. He used to appear in other people's comics way back, even gift arts and such. He was really loved. I made him so many comics about him going on adventures with the first 3 that become the superstars. There was Kalim,Plasma,and now Naby and thus, a team was born! Their adventures were pretty wacky due to my crazy fantasy ideas heh. Like me, he had very depression problems way back, he died a couple times then I bring him back to life. No one really want him dead because he's pretty awesome for a fan oc. As the years go by,Sword begans to grow,although he looks like the same size but his looks change probably after a year is finish. If I remember correctly, I had him at 2010. That was way long ago, man I miss the good old days,but now this the future. As for me, I had a look, I was yellow like sword,have a blue hat and blue feet. Then for smash bros, I was red kirby. Me and Sword, we had our ups and downs,even when we had mental breakdowns,we still stay strong for the greater good in life. I decided to also put him in crossovers like Zelda,Mario Galaxy,Pokemon,ect. It was really a blast of nostalgia,even when remaking the comics. Sword has gotten a lot more stronger as he grows and deal with life. It may have been hard him but he must know that he still has his friends by his side. Many are gone,but the remembered ones are still there for him. Many complained on how Sword looked like a recolor,with the help of friends, they come up with the best new looks they can give him. To this year,back at 2014, he's now more better than before, He's now like a citrus color,has brown eye color,brown feet or shoes,a green hat with a star at the end,he now has hair.and his light cheeks. And that's what he is today. He was also once a ghostbuster,well,it was scary, yet he can still be a bit scared but he's still got the brave look inside him. And that my friends is the history....of Sword. :star:

Fighting Strategy: A master swordsman. His blade is as sharp as a shark's tooth, and his skilled swings can send you flying.
Defensive Strategy: Along with his sword to block, he has decent defense, and can take quite a few blows.

Strengths:Skilled swordsman, and his defenses are decent, so he won't go down without a fight.
Weaknesses: Sword isn't very good at fighting without his blade, so managing to get the sword away from him will get him to struggle. He's also not the best with sudden environment changes. Also, ghosts turn him into a coward..

Theme Song: Zelda: Spirit Tracks - Realm Overworld


DA Family:
:iconalexthepurplekirby:- Best Friend =)

:iconpoyochu:- Cute Bunny! =3

:iconinikkii:- The Friendly Brawler :iconsmashballplz: =)

:icongreninji-girl:- Greninja loving sister


:iconpulsiveaqua:- Best Buddy! =)

:iconplasmathepinkkirby:- Best Bro #2 =)

:iconyukimazan:- Bloat Cake Lover XD

:iconarcvvind: - A mouse that follows sword x3

:iconklutzkisses: -

:iconseahorsies:- A Swimming Anime :3

:iconpizzasavvie1000:-"Turbo-tastic!" :iconthumbsupplz: =)

:iconhegythepuffball01:- Duck XD

:iconspookythedragon:- Sword's Yellow Buddy ^u^

:iconittybitty1996:- Kind Younger Sister

:iconlaneischill:- Best Bro Ever!









:iconflippyfangirl4life:- Kirby Fangirl =D


:iconshadethecb:- the little sis, the slim shady :3




:iconiporkchopmc:- Minecraft Friend =)

:iconxxgolden-angel-dogxx:- Jigglypuff Sister :iconjigglypuff-plz: =)

:iconstarkirby4354:- My wolfy friend =)

:iconduskthepony:- My favorite youngest best friend =)

:icongamelovar: Mario Kirby :3

:iconluigikirby64:- Luigi Kirby :3

:iconyaky906:- Princess Kirby :3

:iconkirbolf:- Dog Kirby :3




:iconjezdayy:- The Awesome Larry Fan


:iconpenelopehamuchan:- The Biggest Hamtaro Fan

:iconalexthedumbkirby:- The Old Dude


:iconboltblades12:- Badass Kirby

:icongillylicious:- The pink & girly otaku =3

I don't do tag journals anymore ^^;

Sword's Stats:

Anyone need a hug? I'll give you one. ^_^


3DS: 0860-3844-7187

Name: SwordKirby

Brawl FC: 5026 8739 9295


PS3: Markus9MM

Wii U: YellowSwordKirby

Twitch: YellowSwordKirby

Requests: :iconrequestsopen:
Art Trades: :icontradesareopen:

If they're easy, I can try them
If its hard,then give me another request to do ^^'''

Chat… ChattingKirbys

Chat… Flashy's RP Chat

Chat 3:… Flighty's Friendly Chat

Chat… Kaabii Chat


Chat… SSMB





------♥ Put this on your page if you love Kirby!

Favourite style of art: Kirby,Pokemon, ect.
Favourite cartoon character: Kirby

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